Mobile sportsflooring for HYPO TIROL AlpenVolleys Haching

In October 2016 the German „Volleyball Bundesliga“ issued a greencard for the first time in its 44 years history to occupy remaining positions for the 2017/2018 season. The result was a unique fusion of two teams.

The former German „Bundesliga“ team „TSV Unterhaching“ and the multiple winner of the Austrian champion and national cup winner are playing the current season as a German-Austrian team called „Hypo Tirol Alpenvolleys Haching“.

The „Olympiahalle“ in Innsbruck, Austria as well as the „BAYERNWERK SPORTARENA“ in Unterhaching, Germany are the home of this special cooperation. The Olympiahalle in Innsbruck is a multifunctional sports, event and conference venue.

To allow the venue to stay multifunctional Holz-Speckmann GmbH & Co. KG has supplied its proven Volleyball sportsflooring „Speed-Lock M1“. The mobile sportsflooring consists of a 7 mm thick PVC point-elastic top layer which is factory applied on an area elastic mobile subfloor enhancing the athlete’s performance and safety.

Due to the fact that all components as well as the surrounding wedge-shaped border are fixed to the sportsflooring it is immediately ready to use. Long waiting periods, such as from laying out PVC rolls  become obsolete. Therefore it only takes 2,5 hours to install a complete Volleyball court exceeding international sportsfunctional standards. This contributes to the multifunctionality of the arena.

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