Completely mobile 

The “VfB Friedrichshafen” – one of the most successfull teams in Germanys first Volleyball division have been playing their home matches on a mobile "Speed-Lock" sports floor since the end of 2020. After the move to the new home venue, we supplied both - the sports floor and a customized mobile net post system.

The modular „Speed-Lock M1“ volleyball sports floor consists of three layers that are firmly bonded together. The separate installation of elastic layer, load distribution board and PVC sports flooring is unnecessary. Since the top layer does not have to rest and acclimatize - as is the case when laying roll material – long waiting periods during the installation can be avoided.

The patented "Speed-Lock" connection is also easy to install and, thanks to dimensionally stable aluminum profiles, ensures a robust and secure bond between the individual modules. Thus, the area of approx. 600 m² can be laid ready for play by five fitters within two and a half hours.

Essential for the flexibility of the overall system, is the mobile net post system, which is specially adapted to the volleyball floor. Tailor-made fastening elements that "disappear" underneath the construction make it possible to use the sports floor as a holistically mobile system in almost any hall. In the current venue of the “VfB Friedrichshafen”, the use of the mobile system is essential, because there are no sockets for the net posts in the sub-floor.

Two- or three-colored modules for the subdivision of the zones, as well as the factory-made lining of the sports floor and a wedge-shaped edge border, which is firmly connected to the modules, complete the performance spectrum.

The combi-elastic sports floor is particularly gentle on muscles and joints and serves to ensure the safety of the athletes. The system is tested and certified according to DIN 18032-2 as well as EN 14904:2006 and meets the high requirements of the Volleyball sports.


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