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To enable ice arenas to organise a wide variety of events, the ice rink has to be fitted with a safe and secure floor system that can cope with the highest demands. With the SPEED-LOCK Mobile Ice Cover System, an ice sports arena can be transformed into a multifunctional area within a very short time frame.

One of its features is its easy, quick and secure fitting. The tech­nical data are very convincing, enabling it to be used for many purposes and be subjected to the highest loads and demands. The entire laying process is carried out by fitting just one module, since the insulating layer, the load distribution board and the top covering are joined together.

The elements are permanently joined with tight-fitting aluminium profiles, ensuring that the cover is laid without joints. It is not ne­cessary to wedge the elements against the ice border.

Standard Colors Available 

rubber dark grey
rubber light grey

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