With the start of the construction work at the Stadthalle in Rostock, Holz-Speckmann delivered a modular multisports parquet floor.

The delivered floor is an area elastic Speed-Lock S20 parquet. It has an integrated aluminum interlocking system that assures a perfect and precise installation of the court. Installation is fast, robust and easy, it can be achieved in a very short time and offers more flexibility for the arena staff.

Next step, will be the dismantling of the existing single batten wood floor prior to pouring of a new concrete subfloor which will allow an easier use of the arena to host concerts, exhibitions or other events. Thanks to the installation of mobile parquet, this arena will still be used for sportive events.

The material construction with a sturdy 3,6 mm top layer makes the Speed-Lock S20 a high quality parquet sports floor.

All parquet modules are strongly assembled at the factory and even the side panels include the beveled edges and allow easy installation of access ramps for disabled people. The selected parquet floor can easily be mounted for handball, volley-ball or basket-ball configuration to meet the international specifications of each sport.

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